Step 1: Please visit our website ( in detail to make sure you completely agree with our fundamental issues. We have a firm position that nothing much can be done for Pakistan unless we solve these fundamental issues: Peace with India and reduce our military budget; Abolish feudalism; and Separate religion from state, that is, repeal all religious laws and make Pakistan a secular country.

Please read every article and listen to all audios. Let us know if you have any questions or need any clarification about what we wrote. You can contact us at

Step 2:


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- Spread the message, educate people: This can be done by promoting our website and facebook page ( to as many people as possible, through organizing local debates, distributing our materials (issues, solutions, articles) to people, schools and colleges, etc.

- Create alliances: Contact and have other organizations (e.g., minority, women, children, child education, non-Muslims, students, labor and peasants, Kashmir residents, Karachi residents) join us in our efforts. Contact other influential people to join and promote us.

We are in the process of building organizational infrastructure in Pakistan and will let you know how you can become part of our organization later.




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